Deborah Wilson


Deborah’s intrigue in sculpture was kindled by her art teacher while in secondary school. Her fascination with the art form was subsequently encouraged by several mentors during her four years of study at the Vancouver School of Art.

Post graduation in 1973, she and about 12 other art graduates explored carving jade in one of the first jade studios established in British Columbia. A number of extraordinary works of art were sculpted at New World Jade over the following 24 months.

These early Jade sculptures were shown with wide acclaim across both Canada and the US.

Decades later, Deborah is now one of the very few in Canada who continue to explore the fascination with jade.

Sculptured Jade Dove

Sculptured Jade Dove

“Reflections on Inspiration”

I like the notion

of God being

not “up there”

but within us all.

Same with inspiration

or the act of creation,

It lies within.

The Dove of Many Moons

took shape from

that place

after the tangibles were gathered

and themes discussed.

From my head

there were questions,

some answered..

From my heart

a glow from being warmed

by this gifting,

Finally from my hands

that busy themselves

at the task, which

at the end

caress smooth wings


to let go…….


The Jade & the Artist:

How we met!

Ogden Mt Jade is one of the original deposits in B.C.’s Northern Interior. Look for Manson Creek on the map, near Williston Lake or google the name. It has recently become more accessible to those that hold the claims (Jade West Resources, )

In the past 18 – 20 years, mining costs proved to be prohibitive due to that very problem.

The block I chose for this project was purchased from a man who lives not too far from me. He bought it from Jade West a number of years ago, and was told it was one of those treasures that represented the quality of jade that Ogden Mt was known for in the old days.

I was fortunate enough to have been carving in that era, my first year being 1973. New World Jade in Vancouver was were I got my start as did 30 others. Most of us were keen recruits from the Vancouver School of Art and ready for the challenge of carving this incredibly tough but stunningly beautiful stone. I went from that early and formative experience to join others who also wanted to continue with “hard stone carving”.

Eventually life offered an opportunity to move to the Okanagan where an independent life style as an artist, living on the land, came to be!

Carving jade has brought a number of wonderful things into my life. Traveling to participate in events that celebrate jade, and meeting interesting people who have a passion for carving and collecting  alike.


Below are thumbnail images illustrating Deborah’s unique skill in working this tough material surrendered from the earth.

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