Ric Moor

Richard Moor

NZ Jade Carver

NZ Jade Head Sculpture

I have worked as an artist in jade for the past fifteen years of my life; I was attracted to jade as a medium for teaching because of the sense of permanency. I found that pounamu had more to offer than I imagined. Through jade I have discovered and defined myself as a person, a teacher, as kaitiaki of pounamu and as a New Zealander, Ngati Pakhea, who identifies strongly with Maori culture. My contribution in return is my art, my mentorship/incubation of other carvers and my passion for pounamu and I am still debt to the stone.

As a medium Jade is an inexhaustible inspiration with its structure, range of colour, translucency, flaws and integrity mixed with its embedded place in our culture and history it is the perfect medium to reflect life and reflect upon life as a Kiwi, as parent and on our global culture.

One of my fascinations with Jade and maori culture rests in the mythology of Tai potini, and how jade was formed, like many myths they were ways of explaining observations but with this particular myth it is a map of tool stones. Like all knowledge it is born of questions and for me pounamu allows me to run my finger down a map of learning both physically and spiritually to ask my questions and add my thoughts and comments in the context of our history.

Jade Sculpture

NZ Nephrite Jade Sculpture

I hope that you enjoy the art work, and the relationship between the stone and light. Jade is a fibrous material and as such wicks moisture out into the atmosphere unless sealed by a high polish. Most of my work is finished in a natural river finish and as such will require constant handling and rubbing to fill the stone with your body oils, I like the idea of being in relationship with the stone and filling it with your own oils or wairua and as such you can pass yourself on through the gift of pounamu. With larger pieces an occasional oiling or constant fondling will maintain the piece and the relationship through handling.

NZ Nephrite Jade Sculpture

5.25 " Diameter NZ Nephrite Jade Sculpture

'Flower Jade' Pounamu KoruNew Zealand nephrite ‘Flower Jade’ Pounamu Koru